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Svelte Status

Newsletter for Svelte developers. Curated each week by Marlos from Jexia.

Svelte Status

Weekly curated Svelte blogs and tools.

By Mark Miller

3 minutes -
The majority of people in The State of JavaScript 2019 said that they didn’t know Svelte but wanted to learn it. That’s why I’m going to teach you its basics in under three minutes.

How to get started with Svelte
By Jesse Skinner

11 minutes - Watch this video tutorial to get started.

By Ruben Leija

2 minutes - The $ symbol stands for reactive declarations in Svelte. Svelte will recompute logic that depends on state variables.

Real-world reports

Vim and Svelte
By Darius Dobravolskas

2 minutes - While looking how to configure Vim for Svelte development I have found an article by Sophia Brandt. While it is good I found it not enough in my situation.

Hello Svelte.js!
By Dany Paredes

3 minutes - I’m using Vue for more than 2 years and a half, it’s a great framework, but the world changes and Svelte rises as a good contender to in the Javascript world.

From Vue to Svelte syntax
By Dany Paredes

4 minutes - I found some small differences with Vue, let me explain a bit how it is going with my journey of writing a Svelte component.

By Ilia Mikhailov

5 minutes -
Rollup.js, the tooling that is usually used with Svelte projects, never grew on me for some reason so I decided to give Parcel a try.

Writing a Pomodoro technique app with Svelte
By Jaime González García

11 minutes -
Sharing my initial experience in learning Svelte getting started by creating a sample project, a pomodoro technique app.

By Jaime González García

15 minutes - In this second part we add a list of tasks to be completed using the pomodoro technique.

Technical write-up of aspects of building my site
By Johan Ronsse

10 minutes - Just like last year, I made a list of the best media I enjoyed over the year. This includes music, films, series and games. This year I got really interested in Svelte, so it was only natural to use Svelte for my yearly tech exploration.

More real-world reports:


How to add Redux to Svelte
By Ruben Leija

5 minutes - I go over how to create a Redux store, reducers, and how to connect a Svelte component to the Redux store.

A data visualization using Svelte
By Josh Jackson

24 minutes - In this article we’ll create a data visualization using the Svelte.js framework that shows, on a map of the UK, which regions have contributed most to English Premier League title wins since its creation in 1992.

Building a CRUD application with Svelte
By Wisdom Ekpot

6 minutes - We will start by creating a Svelte CLI project.

Shameless plug: ‘Serverless with Svelte’

Taking place at Tuesday, January 28th, from 6:00 PM. This free event is based on a cooperation between the Tech Leader Club and FB developer Circle Amsterdam.

By Sil-vio

6 minutes - Before we start writing the code, let’s first see what a web components is.

Setting up routing in Svelte with Page.js
By Jack Whiting

7 minutes - We will also talk about further ways in which we can expand this router for authentication and passing page parameters.

By Richard Guay

12 minutes - This tutorial will show you how you can create your own website with simple markdown files and a GitHub Pages account.

How to add environment variables to a Svelte app
By Ruben Leija

2 minutes - To give a Svelte application environment variables, I will use @rollup/plugin-replace to give me this capability.

More tutorials:


Svelte calendar app
By Jonathan Greenemeier

A lightweight date picker written with Svelte.

Build forms fast and easy in Svelte
By Tjin Au Yeung

3 minutes - Let me present to you svelte-forms-lib: a small utility library for managing forms in Svelte.

By Hossein Shabani

Including cool animation and customization.

Exifer: lightweight JS image metadata reader
By Terkel Gjervig
By Luca Mugnaini

9 minutes -
A biased and superficial comparison between two frameworks that compile to Javascript.

Svelte needs a virtual DOM
By Vani Shivanand

6 minutes - For decades, we were working without a Virtual DOM. It was accepted widely soon after it was introduced, mainly because the benefits were seen.

By Trey Huffine

20 minutes - Frontend development once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and this article recaps all the important events, news, and trends from 2019.

Web dev tools that helped me get s*** done in 2019
By Ben Holmes

9 minutes - A rundown of my favorite web dev tools in 2019.

More perspectives:


JS Party podcast: 2020 predictions & resolutions
By Jerod, Divya, Chris, KBall, & Nick

71 minutes - Jerod, Divya, Chris, KBall, & Nick ring in the new year with our 2020 predictions, wish lists, & resolutions. Will Chrome’s browser market share decrease? Will Svelte (or a Svelte-alike) continue to trend?

Introducing Svelte Site Generator

24 minutes.

About me and my own project

Svelte Status is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for aspiring Svelte developers. I’m Marlos, a Brazilian moved to the Netherlands to help building Jexia, a cloud hub for front-end engineers. With Jexia, a frontend dev pays zero to eight euros per month to build fully equipped web apps.

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