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Svelte Status

Svelte Status

Newsletter for Svelte developers. Curated each week by Marlos from Jexia.


Svelte changelog: 3.18.2


Getting started with Svelte


3 minutes - We are going to see some core mechanics of Svelte, so you can easily start making your own webapp with this almost perfect UI library.

The Svelte compiler: under the hood BY JOSHUA NUSSBAUM

4 minutes - Learn how to the compiler works internally.

Svelte from a React dev's angle: its basics BY JOSÉ DEL VALLE

4 minutes - I’ve been a React developer for about 5 years now so I’m pretty excited about learning a new and - I hope - refreshing technology.

In practice

Responsive Svelte components BY SIBTAIN JAFFERI

2 minutes - An extensible way to manage differential rendering based on device using Svelte.

Joining the IndieWeb with Svelte BY SHAWN WANG

6 minutes - How you can enhance your blog with webmentions without adding heavy build times.

Absolute paths & aliases in Svelte BY BY SIBTAIN JAFFERI

1 minute - How to avoid tedious nested relative paths with Rollup.



7 minutes - We’ll explore how Svelte consumes and renders data from an API by building a simple app. We’ll first write a simple backend to store our data and then write our Svelte components.

Svelte state management: contact form BY OLEKSANDR DEMIAN

3 minutes - How to create a mutable state by using a writable object. The project is going to be a simple page where you can add contacts into a list.

Add SASS to Svelte with svelte-preprocess BY RUBEN LEIJA

2 minutes - By using svelte-preprocess NPM module.


Bili: delightful JS bundler BY KEVIN TITOR

Bili makes it easier to bundle JavaScript libraries.

Google Analytics for Sapper BY IMBOLC

Google Analytics tracking for Sapper-based apps.

Template: Svelte + Typescript + Parcel + Express BY ANONYMOUS

An easy-to-use Svelte template!

A base for building shareable Svelte components BY SVELTE CORE TEAM

You can create a package that exports multiple components by adding them to the src directory and editing src/index.js to re-export them as named exports.


Elm vs. Svelte BY LUCA MUGNANI

10 minutes - I had some fun writing this (probably inconclusive) post about Elm and Svelte.

First impression with Svelte BY HAPPY HARIS

8 minutes - My experience with Svelte: likes vs dislikes, and a comparison to a framework.

The state of web development on mobile BY AREKNAWO

17 minutes - Exploring the ecosystem of web development tools available for mobile devices. Is it possible and if so how does it feel to code on a phone?

My SEO lessons after using 10 JS frameworks BY JAN-WILLEM BOBBINK

6 minutes - JavaScript will define and impact the future of most SEO consultants. A big chunk of websites has, is or will move over to a JS framework driven platform.

Forget React and jump on bandwagon of Svelte? BY RYAN GLEASON

5 minutes - A true battle of the titans (can Svelte be considered a titan yet?).


About me and Jexia

Hey fellow engineer, I'm Marlos. As JavaScript developer I'm building the face of Jexia, a cloud hub founded in Amsterdam that makes it easier than ever to start with serverless.

Jexia provides hosting and several serverless back-end functions for front-end or full-stack developers. Instantly build, deploy and run. Test it yourself!