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Svelte Status

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Svelte Status #23

Weekly curated resources for (aspiring) Svelte developers

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Svelte changelog 3.17.1 and 3.17.0

by the Svelte core team

How to use Svelte for your next JS project

by Chris Noring

11 minutes - Let's say we choose Svelte for our next project though, just to try things out. What should we expect from it to take it seriously? Well, this is MY must-have list, your list might be different.

Real-world reports

Practical Svelte: the use-directive

by Christian Heine

5 minutes - Write better components by utilizing one of the lesser-known but extremely powerful features of Svelte: actions.

Learning Svelte: creating a Pomodoro timer

by Jaime González García

5 minutes - In this series we’ll follow along as I use Svelte for the first time to build an app. In this part four of the series we continue coding along as we create a pomodoro timer that will allow us to work on a given task with our complete focus and full attention.


Writing unit tests for Svelte - a series

By Daniel Irvine

3 minutes - First...a question that I hear a lot. Why should I write unit tests for the front end?

Creating an inline editable component

by Uk Chukundah

7 minutes - And then publishing it to NPM.

How to start writing Svelte single file components

by Vanessa Böhner

6 minutes - This article is Part II of my first three posts about Svelte. Part I discussed how to create a statically generated website with Svelte and Sapper.


Svelte Router SPA now supports route localisation

by Jorge Alvarez

1 minute -I've released version 5.2.0 of Svelte Router. It's an easy to use routing library for Single Page Applications developed with Svelte JS.

Svelte RDF Visualisation Lab

by Mark Hughes

4 minutes - An app for prototyping RDF visualisation components built using Sveltejs and D3js.

More tools


2019 JavaScript Rising Stars

By Sacha Grief & Michael Rambeau

5 minutes - The 4th edition of JavaScript Rising Stars, showcasing the numbers the projects that got traction on GitHub in 2019.

Everything old is new again

By Danny Moerkerke

9 minutes - You’re browsing the web on your mobile phone or tablet and a banner appears on the top of the screen, urging you to install the site’s native app.

Please stop using classes in JavaScript

By Michael Krasnov

5 minutes - In this article I will talk about why it is a bad idea to use classes in JavaScript, and what the alternatives are.

Disney’s motion design principles for UI animations

By Ruthiran Babu

5 minutes - Principles created by Disney, three decades ago have influenced how we design for interface animation.

More perspectives:

Academic articles

NodeRacer: event race detection for Node.js applications

By André Takeshi Endo & Anders Møller

15 minutes - No Svelte-paper, yet interesting as one of your back-end language options.


Slide deck: Learning Svelte presentation

By Chris Noring

15 minutes - This is a beginner talk covering how to build apps in Svelte.

Rethinking front-end apps with Svelte

Duration: 41 minutes

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Svelte Status is a mailing consisting of the latest and finest blogs and tools curated for (aspiring) Svelte developers. I am your curator Marlos Borges, a Brazilian front-end engineer moved to the Netherlands to help building Dutch cloud-based platform Jexia. Our platform is providing hosting and several serverless back-end functions for front-end or full-stack developers.

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